Wink Game


September 2, 2014

A fun and calm game to play in circle.

  • Game Duration: 10 mins
  • Number of Players: 10 - 20 players.



The wink game can either be played inside or outside and require little to no preparation. The kids are sitting in circle with their eyes closed. The game leader will determine a “winker” by touching one of the participant in the back once and a “detective” by touching one of the participant in the back twice.

The game:

When the “winker” wink at an other participant, that person will fall asleep and lay on its back. The goal for the detective is to guess who the “winker” is and has 3 chances to guess right. The goal for the “winker” is to wink at the most participants possible without getting caught.

Neither the “Detective” or the “Winker” know who the other person is but the detective will be revealed at his first guess. Make sure the only person doing winks is the “Winker” to avoid confusion.


This game is called “The Assassin” with older participants ans when they get a wink, they have to die in a dramatic way.

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