3 mind games

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Nowee Island


The group is going to Nowee island and you ask each participants what they would bring to the island. Then after each answer, you will  announce if the item is allowed on the island.

Can I bring my cat? What about a banana? Is my mom’s piano is allowed? Yes they all are allowed but you are forbidden to bring an apple,some chewing gum or an elephant.

If a participant think he or she knows the answer, they must whisper it to you and you will validate if they are correct or not.

Why lions are allowed but not elephants?

It’s because we are going to Nowee (No “E”) island.

This quick mind game is fun to play with a small group and is great as a filler game during downtime. You obviously can’t play with the same group many time but use it when you meet new kids or to entertain a single child.

If you don’t like sailing away to a new island, you may always go to the Nowee camp/hotel/restaurant/etc.

I bring with me …..

This game is pretty much the same as the game before except that, the thing the participant brings must begin with the same letter as his or her first name. Franky could bring a fork, a freezer, a fireplace and even his face. Tina on the other cannot bring her face but she could bring a T-Shirt.

The game ends when all the participants find out the the “rule” is. You can change the rule for game to game (ex. only blue, things that you can see or anything related to a certain theme. I used the vacation theme but you could go for a restaurant theme and players would be ordering items from a menu.

Let’s add this

We are going on a trip (to stick with the vacation theme) and we are filling our luggage. Every participant must add an item but they have to remember all the items that was in our luggage before. Let’s say Franky chooses the first object: “i put a t-shirt”. When Tina adds an object, she would say: “I put a t-shirt and a red shoe”, the next participant would then name the first 2 and add a third one.

The game ends when someone forgets an object. This game can be played whith a group of any size and helps a lot with memorization. You can either make this game a group effort by trying to remember as many objects as possible or you can eliminate a player when he or she forgets an item and the last player standing wins.

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