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If you just joined us from Pinterest, know that all the games listed here on Jouzy are printable and have their own data sheet. Jouzy is a place where you can find games that are suited for you and your group whether it’s a holiday game to play with your family or an epic game of 30+ players that you can play in a school gym.

Push and Catch
In this game, the participants are either standing in line or in circle. The group leader throws the ball to a participant and either says “Push” or “Catch” and the participant must do the exact opposite. If the participant fails, he is eliminated. Be careful when you throw the ball and don’t eliminate a participant if he drops the ball, the games is about doing the opposite of pushing back the ball and catching it.

Reflex ball

Once again, the participants are either standing in line or in circle with their arm crossed on their chest. The group leader then either throws the ball at a participant or pretend to throw it. The goal for the participant is to keep his arms crossed on his chest if the group leader pretend to throw the ball or catch it if the group leader throws the ball at him. A participant is eliminated if he tries to catch the ball when the group leader pretends to.

Earth, Air and Sea

In this game, the participants are either standing or sitting in circle and the group leader is in the middle. The group leader throw the ball to a participant and says “Earth”, “Air” or “Sea”. When the participant catches the ball, he must name an animal (or an object) that can be found in the named element (ex. Bird for air, fish for sea and cat for earth). If the participant guesses right, he throws back the ball to the group leader but take the place of the group leader if he guesses wrong.
You may also play this game without any group leader, if a participant guesses wrong, he must go in the middle and the next participant to guess wrong takes his place.

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